Sunday, February 27, 2011

Boegrafi Galyna Kolotnytska

Galyna Kolotnytska born in Brovary, Ukraine in 1972 she was a Ukraine nurse. She was a blond girl and has a beautiful face and a Gaddafi nurse. Libyan leader reportedly can not go without the company of these beautiful nurses.

Gaddafi had sent a private jet to pick up Galyna Kolotnytska from Libya to Portugal just want to meet with Ukrainian nurse is at rest in a state visit in Portugal.

His name is well known after WikiLeaks publishes the secrets of the doplomat cabel Amreika States government. U.S. ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz describe the diplomatic wires that Gaddafi will not be able to travel unaccompanied by a Ukraine nurse blond and sexy.

Photo Galyna Kolotnytska can be seen in the previous post. This and this.

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